Figuratively Literal
Sole to Sole

Sneakers touchingThis weekend has been networking productivity at its best. Rest took place on Friday night until the Silent Hill sirens blasted. I found about the tornado warning on Twitter. I planned on going to Decatur to get a chance at winning some Galaxy foams but the weather foiled my plans (insert Animaniacs Pinky and the Brain music). Saturday brought forth promise. I planned to connect with Twitter peeps at BE Magazine after a meeting then hang or head home. Saturday afternoon brought an invitation from Michael, who spoke at my organization’s Sneakers & Bow ties: Power of the Tie event, to a motivational event the following day. Time overlapped and I tried to cram in prissiness, people, and power moves into every minute. Hence, I was late to everything on Saturday.

 At the BE Magazine,  I met and reconnected with many but missed @Flywon, diva extraordinaire, by 20 minutes. We just keep missing each other. At the bar I met Blair from Honor Roll Clothing, who remembered me as “Concord Girl”.  I might have to get a t-shirt made. I picked up a v-neck from Kickboard Kouture which later led to a meeting with my new furry friend. I was surprised to see J’Lamar, another speaker at Sneakers & Bow ties. I nibbled on a key lime cupcake by La’Brisha while I sipped on Shirley Temples at Arum’s bar. Don’t laugh. Met photographer Vaughn,  who was introduced to me by Jah, marketing director for Kickboard Kouture. I even got a chance to meet Corey who heard about  Masculine Thread’s efforts through mutual peeps. Arum, which has an evenly older crowd than Shout but has the same feel. Overall, it was a good look.

 Sunday wasn’t a day to slow down but to change gears for more meetings and fostering current relationships. Church was great! Got there just in time for the sermon. Met a baby and found out why I haven’t seen a lady for a minute. Kicked it with Kebbi then hauled it to another meeting. Then, I rushed off to the Why Not Now event at the Green Room Actor’s Lounge. The host, Tammy McGarity  exhibited how well she’d perfected transition. Klarque Garrison, spoke with excerpts from his book, Surviving the Next 365, highlighting the power of doing things in the moment and the power of attraction. Michael McFadden  concluded the speaking portion bringing out points in his book, Truisms, prompting the audience to pay attention to things and people around them and to find the opportunity in each moment.  To conclude the event prizes and opportunities were given. Truism was won by an excited audience member, T-Pain’s father won a photography session with Tammy, and Klarque offered the audience a chance to be paired with a mentor in their field. He specified that a mentor doesn’t have an age limit or minimum, doesn’t need a lot of money but just to have succeeded a goal that you are trying to achieve. So you know I gladly handed over my business card. God loves a cheerful giver.

 Networking is work; just ask John who stated that “nobody is getting out of here without getting a [business] card”. As my new t-shirt states, “Voted Most Likely to Keep Grinding”, I plan to keep creating new relationships and nourish current ones.

- Kicks to the Bricks by HarzeezReport